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2021 Swimming

Swimming is an essential skill for children.  To help keep Skagway's youth safe, SCCC is offering swim lessons and day camp in Haines during the summer of 2021.

August Lessons/ Day Camp

Expanding Ages and Increasing opportunities


Ages 0-9:$40/child/day.


Ages 10-13: $35/child/day.


If your child attends all 3 swim days and we are able to confirm a 4th swim day, the 4th day will be free.

Additional parents that would like to attend are $25/adult/day

Limited Space, First-come, First- Serve

Thanks to a grant from the Rasmusson Foundation, The Skagway Child Care Council is back at it and will be offering the Youth of Skagway Camp Days & Family Swim Lesson days! These swim days will be targeted for ages 0-8th Grade on Saturdays throughout August (& Possibly September)! We are working with the Fjordlines to finalize availability for the end of August & early September.

Current swim days include August 7th, 14th & 21st

To accommodate more kids, we have two boat departure times. Once you register, the lead instructure will determine which group your child/family unit will be placed in.

Boat departs include

Group A Skagway 9am and back in Skagway at 4pm (departing Haines at 3pm)*

Group B Skagway 11am and back in Skagway at 6(departing Haines at 5pm)*

*Timing may change depending on the pool and Fjordlines schedule.

Program: SCCC is offering families of younger kids, ages 0-9, parent-attended 30-45 minute swim lessons  and families of older kids ages 10 - 13 a swim 'camp' day with lead instructor Chandra Thornburg!

Children Ages 0-9: Children must be accompanied by at least one parent, guardian or parent-arranged supervisor. One parent, guardian or parent-arranged supervisor that must join is free of charge per child/family group. A parent of children ages 0-2 will be required to join the child in the pool. To help keep lesson group sizes small, families will be assigned a 30-45 minute swim lesson time slot and can also participate in the open swim time. For time in Haines outside of a child's swim lesson time, parents are welcome to explore Haines at their leisure.

Children Ages 10 -13: A parent, guardian or parent-arranged supervisor are not required to attend with children in this age group. SCCC is offering children ages 10-13 swim camp days where chaperones will bring children to the pool for a 45 minute swim lesson and open swim time as well as to additional  activities in Haines such as: park time, a visit to the Bald Eagle Foundation and more .

Children must bring their own lunch and snacks, swim suit and towel and wear suitable walking shoes. Life jackets will be provided at the pool for those in need.


Payment/ Cancellation: Payment must be made in advance and can be made via Zelle or by Check/Check dropped at Dippers or to Kaitlyn at SDC. For families wishing to cancel more than 48hrs in advance, a 50% refund will be issued. No refund will be given to families cancelling less than 48hrs in advance.

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May Day Camp

Program Cost: $28/ child


 Chaperones: FREE (thank you for your help)


Adults*: $25/ adult*If space is available and you'd like to come but not in the capacity of a chaperone

Thanks to the Skagway Rec Center and the Skagway Traditional Council, the Skagway Child Care Council has been provided grant funding to help cover some of the costs of the Fjordlines ferry for a single swim day! So we have scheduled a Swim Day and Sheldon Museum visit in Haines!


The swim-day is happening this Sunday, May 23rd, see below for itinerary details. Since we have such a large group, this swim-day will be a combination of water safety/ survival skills with some swim techniques with lead instructor Chandra Thornburg, and then "free swim" time.


We are looking for five additional adults who are willing to come join the program as chaperones and to help Chandra work with kids in the pool. This program will be geared towards and open to children ages 7+.


Due to limited capacity on the Fjordlines, we only have seats for about 40 kids. With this limitation and funding limitations, since we can't accommodate every child at every age interested in lessons for this one day, we are starting by focusing on children in age groups that are more likely to be around bodies of water (i.e. up at the lake or at the point) without a parent. If more than 40 kids, age 7+ sign-up, we will give priority to kids ages 7-15. If you are a parent with a child younger than 7, but you are still interested in them having swim lessons/ water safety training, please register your child. If we do not have 40 children aged 7+ register, we may open it to younger ages. Plus, we are still working on coordinating a swim experience for younger kids as well, we just don't have enough funding at this time. We will most likely not have additional space for parents to attend outside of the needed chaperones.

After 3 hours of pool-time, as we head back to the ferry, we will stop at the Haines Sheldon Museum. The Haines Sheldon Museum is an educational institution of the Haines Borough that is committed to collecting, preserving and interpreting the history, art and unique blending of diverse cultures within the Chilkat Valley region. Since Skagway kids don't often get a chance to visit Haines and explore these amazing organizations, we have scheduled a special tour of this local resource. 

Itinerary: Sunday May 23rd
Boat leaves Skagway Harbor at 9am
Arrives in Haines 9:45
Walk to pool (it is .6 miles from the ferry, please see attached map, we are trying to coordinate a bus for those that can't walk far)
Pool-time: 10:30- 1:30
Walk to Haines Sheldon Museum (is it .5 miles from the pool)
Visit Haines Sheldon Museum 1:45pm - 2:45pm
Walk to Ferry (it is .5 miles from the Museum)
Ferry leaves Haines: 3pm
Ferry Arrives in Skagway: 3:45pm

Children must bring their own lunch and snacks, swim suit and towel and wear suitable walking shoes. Life jackets will be provided at the pool for those in need.

Parents must sign a liability waiver for their kids before the child will be allowed on the ferry. The waiver will be emailed to registered parents and available at the docks morning of.

Payment must be Cash or Check (made out to Skagway Child Care Council.) and will be collected at the ferry.

Pool Location

Haines Pool Route.png
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