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Preschool Age

The Stars

                                                      Age 4-5
      This group shares the largest room in the center with the school-aged children.  The enviroment includes learning centers for dramatic play, fine motor skills, writing activities, and more.


      Activities for independent and structured learning occur daily.   Children do project-based learning and get involved with the community. They are encouraged to devise and implement plans of their own inspiration and take the steps to realize them. This may be something like a community car wash, building a toy house, or performing a play.


      Snacks are provided twice daily by the center.

Children engage in snack prep and clean up.

      All of our Little Dippers enjoy a huge outdoor backyard with a garden, sandbox, slides, swings, and sports equipment.  Children participate in weekly field trips and hikes in the majestic Alaskan wilderness, just steps outside our door.

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